Final Conference

Improving the evaluation,
diffusion and use of medical
devices in Europe

15 June 2021 11.00-13.00

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COMED is a highly ambitious project whose primary objective is to tangibly improve decision-making processes in European healthcare systems, by establishing a rigorous evidence base for some of the most pressing issues on the health policy agenda.  We aim to advance scientific knowledge by improving existing and developing new research streams for cost and outcome analysis of medical devices. At the same time, we aim to provide immediately applicable policy advice and tools that will enhance the use of economic evidence in decision-making. Striving for methodological excellence and immediate applicability in decision-making processes is a great challenge for scientific research. COMED will fully embrace this challenge over the course of a three-year, intensive research effort to develop novel concepts and innovative approaches.

COMED’s ambition is to develop scientifically rigorous recommendations on what, when and how real world evidence sources can and should be used for the evaluation of medical devices. COMED will develop new methods for assessing patient-reported outcomes for mHealth technologies. COMED will provide a comprehensive understanding of the main drivers of clinical practice variations across Europe, differentiating between warranted and unwarranted differences. COMED will promote research-driven policy advice and tools for the early assessment and conditional reimbursement of medical devices. The project will expand the geographic scope of evidence generation from a single jurisdiction to collaborative evidence generation throughout Europe. It will have a substantial impact by on public health in Europe, by providing scientifically robust evidence for a wide range of key stakeholders, including policy makers, patients and the wider public.