The Project

The overarching objective of the COMED project is to push the boundaries of existing methods for cost and outcome analysis of healthcare technologies, both within the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Health System Performance (HSP) frameworks and to develop tools to foster the use of economic evaluation in policy making. Within this general agenda, the COMED project explores a very broad range of healthcare technologies that are classified under one specific category: medical devices. COMED aims to build upon the achievements of its precursor project, the EU-funded MedtecHTA collaboration (, whose results and recommendations currently serve as key references for different stakeholders.

The main objectives of COMED are:

  1. to improve economic evaluation methods for medical devices in the context of the health technology assessment framework by increasing their methodological quality and integrating data from different data sources
  2. to investigate health system performance through analysis of variation in costs and outcomes across geographical settings
  3. to strengthen the use of economic evaluation of medical devices in policy making