WP7 Coverage with evidence development for medical devices

This WP is led by CERGAS Bocconi University, and it aims to assist those policy-makers wishing to design and implement coverage with evidence development (CED) schemes


  • To provide a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these schemes;
  • To develop a taxonomy of CED schemes currently applied to medical devices in Europe;
  • To develop a policy guide for those wishing to design and implement CED schemes in the future.


  • A report synthesizing all the key findings in the current literature on the design and implementation of CED schemes worldwide will be produced;
  • A taxonomy that can be used to classify the existing CED schemes for medical devices in the EU and associated member states will be developed;
  • A policy guide for the design and conduct of CED Schemes for medical devices will be produced following a discussion with policy makers on draft good practice guidelines.